Taylor Lautner Shows Off His Men's Health: Cover Story

Taylor Lautner very famously went from lean, mean werewolf to beefy, hunky werewolf nearly overnight as he transformed his body to tackle the role on Jacob Black in "New Moon." In fact, Taylor was rumored to almost lose the role before he bulked up for the flick. But if you think he's got enough muscle to take him through the next few "Twilight" flicks… think again.

“My character continues to grow, so I’d like to pack on at least a few more lean pounds,” he says in the December issue of Men's Health. "I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight."

And if you 'd like to be as bulked up as the actor (or, if you'd like to give your boyfriend a friendly nudge) then turn to Taylor's trainer Jordan Yuam, who says anyone can build muscle like Taylor. Jordan advised: "Less muscle you have the easier it is to gain muscle mass more quickly.”

Fun fact about the photos: Taylor was photographed by Anthony Mandler, the man behind Rihanna's music videos for "Wait Your Turn" and "Russian Roulette." We think he did a nice job capturing Taylor's budding hotness. Perhaps he's Team Jacob.