An Oscar For Robert Pattinson? Fat Chance-- Our Money's Solely On Anna Kendrick

Recently, midnight-release-ticket-buying "New Moon" fans completed a Fandango poll in which they were asked to fill out a survey about the franchise. Some questions were fun (i.e. "Which 'Twilight' actor is closest to the way you imagined the character?" Response: Ashley Greene), and others were a little, well, off. When asked, "Which of these young actors will be the first 'Twilight Saga' veteran to win an Oscar in their career?," Robert Pattinson dominated the results. However, we want you to turn your attention to Forks High School human Anna Kendrick, who as we noted earlier today, thinks Dakota Fanning could be among the first to take home the gold. In this hypothetical race, Anna is the clear all-star and Robert is still a bench warmer.

After all, the actress is becoming something of a sensation. As the second youngest person to ever be nominated for a Tony award, it shouldn't be a surprise that she is gaining critical praise for her film roles after only being in the business for six years. Her role as Natalie in Jason Reitman's upcoming dramedy "Up In The Air" is a standout in a film where everyone (George Clooney included!) delivered their best performances.

So it can only be described as close-mindedness (and/or the fact that "Up In The Air" hasn't been released nationally yet) that Anna only earned 1 percent of the votes in the aforementioned poll. It is safe to describe all those surveyed by Fandango as "Twilight" fans because the questionnaire was sent out in an e-mail to those who purchased tickets to the very first showings of "New Moon." And why would you purchase those tickets if you don't adore the series?

With that clarified, I feel it's fair to say there was a certain bias that went into RPattz getting 43 percent of the votes for "Twilight" star with most Oscar potential. Forty-three percent! Did anyone else see the look on his face when he was sucking the venom out of Bella's veins at the end of "Twilight"? Better acting went into "Twilight With Cheeseburgers."

Now, I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt in terms of Rob because the only other film I've seen of his is "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," in which he has roughly three lines. "How To Be" was supposed to be pretty good (though his audition tapes didn't convince me very much), and I give him props for that.

But the question was who will be the "first" veteran to win an Oscar, and somehow I think Anna has that lined up a bit better than anyone else in this category (Dakota earned 29 percent of the votes, and Kristen Stewart got 23). Keep in mind this poll was taken after the film festivals where "Up In The Air" was screened, which means Oscar talk about Anna has been buzzing for a month or so now.

Granted, in "Twilight" Anna's Jessica doesn't have that many scenes, but the scenes she is in are actually quite funny. And while I might not exactly be preaching to the choir right now, Robert was far, far, far, far, FAR from being the best actor in that film (Cam Gigandet was actually my favorite, but that's just me). And if the argument for Rob being so great comes from his other works — which, I reiterate, I have not seen — then the same should be said for Anna. For him to get the most and her to get none just seems to this Crusher to be a sign of ignorance, or bias over a pretty face.

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