Is Edward Cullen A Major Jerk? Robert Pattinson Defends His Alter-Ego's 'Oddball' Behavior

He'll shield you from runaway minivans, scale ancient Evergreens with you tucked safely on his back and even serenade you with a soothing lullaby on the piano. Edward Cullen is basically the world's best—dead or undead—boyfriend ever. Or is he? We've got to admit, some of the bloodsucker's behavior in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel seems a bit—dare we say it?—jerky. When we caught up with actor Robert Pattinson at a press junket in Beverly Hills, we couldn't help but ask if Edward really is a tool. And we had some pretty damning evidence in hand.

In "New Moon" Edward makes his first appearance whizzing into the Forks High school parking lot in his signature Volvo. But when the vamp parks his sweet ride he takes up not one, not two but three (!!) parking spots. Kind of a douchey move, right? After blaming director Chris Weitz for the parking faux pas, Robert rationalized the maneuver saying, "I think [Edward did it] because that was the only spot, there weren't any other spots available. It would be less of a dramatic entrance if I'm, like, backing up into something," he added with a laugh.

OK, OK. We'll maybe buy that excuse, but what did Rob have to say when we informed him that one critic dubbed Edward Cullen "one of modern fiction's best candidates for a restraining order"? "I guess that's what the story is about in 'New Moon,'" RPattz admitted. "I love Charlie — Bella's dad's — attitude toward Edward in this one; he never gives him a break about anything, he's just constantly saying, 'That guy. He's just terrible for you.'" But Robert agreed that if his character weren't a vampire, his behavior would be a bit alarming. "I guess the restraining order wouldn't really be very good for anyone," he joked. "But [Bella] could

use a restraining order. I think if [Edward] wasn't a vampire, and this was in reality, a girl's parents would think he was an oddball." An oddball Bella (and we) are irrevocably in love with. Sigh.

We're pretty sure we already know the answer to this, but what do you think, Crushers? Can Edward be a bit of a jerk sometimes?