'Vampire Diaries' Adds Another Hot Guy (Sean Faris) To Its Roster

Just when you thought the "Vampire Diaries" cast couldn't get any hotter, the CW series has brought on "Reunion" star Sean Faris (pictured) for a "multi-episode arc," according to EW.com. With "Legally Blonde" hunk Matthew Davis playing new history teacher Alaric Saltzman (great name) this week, we'll have some delicious new eye candy for many episodes to come. As Crush editor Lindsay Soll so aptly put it, "It's turning into an Abercrombie catalog on that set!"

Sean, whose character's name is Ben, will befriend the Mystic Falls High gang when Matt (Zach Roerig) starts working at the Grill, where Ben is a bartender. The EW article also notes that Ben is an ex-high school football star who will possibly romance one of the Mystic High ladies, which makes me think he'd be perfect for Caroline (Candice Accola) — she goes for the slightly cocky older men (ahem, Damon). Then again, I wouldn't mind a little romantic interest for Bonnie (Katerina Graham). So far she's had to sit on the sidelines while all her friends make out with cute boys. It's just not fair.

It's nice to see Sean land on a series that we know already will last more than this season. He was on two one-season shows in a row — the under-appreciated "Life as We Know It" followed by the clever-but-cancelled "Reunion" a year later — and many of his costars have gone on to find some steady work (Chyler Leigh landed on "Grey's Anatomy," Dave Annable on "Brothers & Sisters," and Amanda Righetti on "The Mentalist," to name a few). It's about time Sean catches a break.

Who do you think Ben will try to seduce: Caroline, Bonnie, or someone else? How do you think Matthew Davis's new history teacher will fit into the storyline? Are you glad to see Sean Faris on the small screen again?