'New Moon': That Darn Paper Cut Scene Gets Deconstructed

Some could call it the paper cut felt round the world. Over Halloween weekend, we debuted an exclusive clip from the dreaded "New Moon" scene in which Bella's birthday party at the Cullen household goes from pale to blood red in the blink of an eye thanks to gift wrap that gives the b-day girl a tiny gash on her finger.

Now, in the above behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the "Twilight" sequel, we get to see that moment from a technical point of view — as in the placement of the red goo (to stand in for blood) on Kristen Stewart's finger and then Robert Pattinson literally shoving Jackson Rathbone into a pile of padded mats. The best part, however, is seeing Jackson smile after the take as Rob says, "Good job Jackson."See, not all vampires cry over spilled blood.