The First 'Twilight' Cast Member To Win An Oscar? Anna Kendrick's Voting For Dakota Fanning

Anna Kendrick is on the fast road to getting her first Oscar nomination. She could very well be the first person from the "Twilight" cast to be nominated for an Academy Award. So when MTV News got a chance to sit down with her to talk about "Up In The Air," the film which is earning her critical acclaim, they had to ask who else she thinks could ever receive the honor, too.

"Shouldn't Dakota Fanning have like 12 at this point?" Anna asked. "She's one of those people where everyone sort of assumes that she has one. I'll go with Dakota, I guess."

It is shocking that the well-loved and respected child star hasn't earned the honor of an Oscar nomination (after all, she did have a standout performance in the controversial 2007 film "Hounddog," which included a rape scene), so I agree with Anna. Where are Dakota Fanning's many well-deserved Oscars? Alas, that's a topic we could probably discuss for hours.

What are your thoughts on this subject: Who do you think will be the first of the "Twilight" cast to receive a coveted Oscar?