Gerard Butler Woos Katherine Heigl Into Laughter In Our 'Ugly Truth' EXCLUSIVE Gag Reel Clip

By Elizabeth Lancaster

After watching "The Ugly Truth," most viewers might be under the misconception that Katherine Heigl’s cool exterior throughout the movie was strong enough to withstand Gerard Butler’s usually winning charm. But in this exclusive behind-the-scenes blooper reel from the DVD and Blu-ray release (out tomorrow), you are able to catch a glimpse of the "Grey's" doc with her guard down, and even laughing with her costar! The sound of Kat’s laughter is actually a very rare thing in this movie, and viewers hardly can imagine this character enjoying any conversation with Gerard.

His character on the other hand, enjoys every conversation he has with any lady over the course of the movie, which is a characteristic that Gerard shares with his on-screen counter part. The Scottish actor, after all, is notorious for his womanizing behaviors (most recently he was reportedly seen kissing Lindsay Lohan). Watch Gerard do what he does best, work it with the ladies, in the below clip!