Taylor Swift On 'SNL': Taylor Lautner & Joe Jonas Shoutouts, 'Twilight' Spoof And More Hilarity

If you tuned into this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" hoping for a cameo by host/musical guest Taylor Swift's rumored love interest Taylor Lautner, you were plum out of luck, as the "Twilight" star was in L.A. promoting his upcoming flick "New Moon." But He-Taylor was never far from She-Taylor's thoughts during the night. In fact, she sang about him!

In her quirky, endearing monologue song called, well, "Monologue Song (La La La)," the 19-year-old addressed the rumors about their relationship, singing, "And if you're wondering if I might be dating

the werewolf from 'Twilight'/I'm not going to comment on that in my monologue." Though she did pause to mouth "Hi Taylor," blow a kiss towards the camera and wink. Very cryptic, Miss Swift.

Taylor also cheekily name-dropped another famous former flame singing, "You might think I'd bring up Joe, that guy that broke up with me on the phone/But I'm not going to mention him in my monologue," adding, "Hey Joe. I'm doing real well. I'm hosting 'SNL'/But I'm not going to write about that in my monologue/La la la. Ha ha ha."

And in another nod to her maybe-bf, Taylor helped spoof everyone's favorite vampire romance in arguably the funniest digital short of the season. Trading the Cullen coven for a group of clumsy

Frankenmonsters, "Firelight" followed Stella (Taylor in a fitting brunette wig) as she fell in love with a green-faced Bill Hader. Pretty fun stuff. I'm just wondering why it took "SNL" so long to send up "Twilight." Better late than never I suppose.

Okay, Crushers. What did you think of Taylor Swift's performance (both acting and singing) on "SNL"? Were you glad, like we were, that the Kanye jokes were kept to a minimum?