'New Moon' Star Robert Pattinson Uncovers What He Found When Googling Himself

When you attain the kind of world-wide fame "Twilight" young stars are experiencing, you start to hear a lot of weird rumors about yourself—including ones that are physically impossible. When MTV News caught up with star Robert Pattinson at a Beverly Hills press event (we'll be rolling out tons from it in the coming week, so stay tuned!!), the 23-year-old detailed the craziest tidbit he recently stumbled upon while googling himself.

"I like the story about me being pregnant," the British heartthrob said with a laugh. "It was in some Australian magazine, on the front page! I was like, 'Wow, that's just [insane]. And it's not even ironic. I don't even think the article [tried to justify it]; it was just a headline. The article was just like, nothing."

But when we gave Rob the opportunity to debunk the pesky rumor, in typical RPattz fashion, he offered his own quirky spin on the headline. "I am, yes," he said, jokingly confirming that he's with child. "Yeah,

it's in my armpit because I'm hiding it from everyone." Sneaky, Rob. Sneaky.

What's your favorite crazy RPattz rumor?