Taylor Lautner Look-A-Likes & 'Vampire Diaries' Bathroom Mishaps Top Today's Tweet Dreams

As if we needed another reason to envy Mario Lopez (c'mon, the guy starred on "Saved By The Bell" and once rocked a mullet for crying out loud!), now the "Extra" host tells us about his close encounters with our "Twilight" boys. Mario bragged, "People always tell me Taylor Lautner could be my little brother.. Wonder if he hears the same thing.. Interviewing him later today." He also tweeted, "On my way to interview the cast of Twilight New Moon. Met Robert Pattinson at the MTV Awards, real nice guy.." Ok, Mario, now you're just rubbing it in. What do you think, can you see the Lopez/Lautner resemblance?

One person that we're not as jealous of today (though we're ALWAYS envious of his costars) is "Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder. The hottie confessed to an embarassing blunder via his Twitter today, posting, "Go into the bathroom, use it and forget to press END on my iPhone 2 1/2 minutes later I figure that out.Akward for me..." Speaking of telephone mishaps, it seems "Glee" actor Chris Colfer has been getting some unwelcome calls of his own. Chris announced, "Dear Los Angeles High School, I do not have a daughter, please stop calling me when she misses class. Dear LAHS student, GO TO SCHOOL!"

Keep reading below for more of today's best celeb tweets, including Jodelle Ferland's "New Moon" artwork (impressive!) and Jenna Dewan's thoughts on the new "Christmas Carol" (we were wondering the same thing, Jenna!). Don't forget to follow us all weekend on Twitter @hollywoodcrush to stay up-to-date with all your entertainment news.

@jodellemicah http://twitpic.com/oij47 - Now I have to draw Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Eclipse will be easy, I don't know about Breaking Dawn.... =P

-Jodelle Ferland, Actress ("Eclipse" )

@heidimontag getting ready to film for the Hills what should I wear?

-Heidi Montag, Reality Star ("The Hills" )

@aclehmission When you're in the valley and it's 98 degrees, you really don't need clothes, at all.

-Charlie Bewley, Actor ("New Moon," "Eclipse" )

@jennaldewan Anyone else think it's wierd that A Christmas Carol opens today, and not around Xmas?

-Jenna Dewan, Actress ("Melrose Place," "Step Up" )

@markhoppus I have the eyebrows of a werewolf right now. Or maybe my eyebrows dressed up like Chewbacca for Halloween and just kept the costume on...

-Mark Hoppus, Musician (Blink182)

@katevoegele Kind of excited about being A7 in the southwest line...im always in C and hate the people in the A line. This system will always confuse me.

-Kate Voegele, Singer, Actress ("One Tree Hill")

@tinselkorey flying alone is sooooooo boring. I wish I had a teleporter.

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@kchenoweth Being in bed sick I like watching Tyra and wendy williams.

-Kristen Chenoweth, Singer, Actress ("Pushing Daisies")

@lobosworth so many shows to catch up on: 30 rock, office, greys, and real housewives of OC! YES!

-Lo Bosworth, Reality Star ("Laguna Beach," "The Hills")

@kevin_nealon Is it fair to say iTunes has become a 99 Cents store?

-Kevin Nealon, Comedian, Actor ("Aliens in the Attic")

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