Anna Kendrick Gives Us Her Mini-Review Of 'New Moon': 'The Action Sequences Look Incredible'

She's worked with the likes of Robert Pattinson and George Clooney and costars in the biggest film franchise since "Harry Potter." And now we have one more reason to be jealous of "Twilight" star Anna Kendrick: She's already seen "New Moon!"

"It's very good. People are going to be very happy," Jessica told MTV News, despite the fact that her character, Bella's gossipy friend Jessica, figures less prominently in the sequel. "The difference for me personally between 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' was, I just wasn't there for as much of filming 'New Moon' as I was for 'Twilight.'

Anna's absence, however, may have been a good thing since it allowed her to see much of the film with new eyes. "It was fun to see just tons and tons of stuff that I had forgotten was in the script," she said. "And you know, these beautiful action sequences look incredible.

"I mean, people are always going to love the first one, but I think the second one is really great." We have a feeling it's going be great too, Anna.

Does Anna's positive appraisal of the sequel make you even more excited for November 20, Crushers?