'Vampire Diaries': Team Damon Or Stefan? Star Katerina Graham Chooses Both!

Salvatore indecision: it's a very serious dilemma that plagues all fans of "The Vampire Diaries." I'm talking, of course, about the difficult task of choosing which Salvatore brother you'd want to date. I'm here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that it's not just a fan issue. "Vampire Diaries" star Katerina Graham, who plays Bonnie, suffers the same vacillation in deciding which brother to direct her affection toward. Luckily, she has a simple solution: "You know what, I'd pick both of them," she told Hollywood Crush recently. "Is that slutty? Not simultaneously! For different reasons." Just to be clear: "Not simultaneously," Kat reiterated, then laughed. "This is Hollywood Crush, we have to make it spicy!"

For real though, Kat said she admires both brothers. "Stefan is such a great guy. Though he's a vampire, that life was kind of picked for him. He's kind of stuck in it. Of course, all the ladies love a dangerous man. So Damon for that reason. You always think you can change the bad boys, and you have to learn the hard way that you can't. But that doesn't stop us girls from trying!"

"I think they both have great qualities as characters. For people who like the bad boys and people who like the good guys, [the ones] trying to be the good boyfriend and trying to go down the path of honor. I think that both of them have great characteristics for any woman who is trying to fall for them."

Well, we know Kat's choice (er, non-choice). But who would Bonnie pick? "I've been saying neither because Bonnie doesn't do the vampire thing. She can't go for Stefan because that's Elena's man, you know what I mean? Damon is just so evil beyond comprehension that it doesn't fit right now."

Though Kat wouldn't rule Damon out completely for Bonnie, she said. "After doing a lot of backstory for the script and delving deeper into every single relationship that Bonnie has, I'd say that I wouldn’t completely cut off Damon. At first I was like 'Oh, no way, that'll never happen.' Then the more research I do and the more pain I find behind Ian Somerhalder's character as a reason that he is the way he is, the more compassion I feel for him. I think that Bonnie is no less than compassionate no matter what happens to her and I'm kind of with the fans where it could go either way."

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Which brother would you choose? Or is it impossible to pick one Salvatore over the other?