Robert Pattinson EXCLUSIVE! Check Out Part 3 Of His Full 'How To Be' Audition Tape

We've been bringing you footage — eight minutes in total! — all week of Robert Pattinson tackling something other than an animal in the Forks forest: an audition for his quirky 2008 comedy "How To Be" (out on DVD on November 17 ... yes, the same week "New Moon" premieres). Today, we gift you the third and final clip in our exclusive show (don't miss part 1 and part 2 either!)

In the movie, Rob plays Art, a downtrodden musician, who winds up living with his parents again after breaking up with his girlfriend. To survive, he hires a live-in self-help guru (who wouldn't?). The audition scenes we were lucky to get our hands on mostly involve Art trying to convince his soon-to-be-ex, Jessica, not to dump him. Just like yesterdays video, we see the same discussion, only this time, Rob emotes a lot more (aww), he smirks when he says "f--king bitch" and he almost cries when he tells Jessica she's not ready for commitment. Believe us, it's worth it for you to press play above on this treasure!

Stayed tuned to Hollywood Crush next week when we bring you an exclusive clip from the movie!

The clip has been removed at the request of involved parties.

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