Robert Pattinson EXCLUSIVE! Check Out Part 2 Of His Full 'How To Be' Audition Tape

It's hard to imagine "New Moon" heartthrob Robert Pattinson having to convince any girl to date him, but that's just the pickle he finds himself in, in the 2008 comedy "How To Be" (out on DVD November 17). The movie centers around down-on-his-luck Art (played by Rob), who after being dumped by his girlfriend, moves back in with his sullen parents and hires a live-in self-help guru to put his life back in order.

Yesterday, we debuted part one of our three-part exclusive footage from his audition, which finds Art pleading with girlfriend Jessica not to dump him. Today, in part two, we see a redo of that exchange (sans Rob's giggles), plus Art's bold-faced lie to avoid a break-up.

As Jessica attempts to console Art by reminding him that he has friends and family he can turn to, Art informs Jessica that his parents aren't his real parents.

The clip has been removed at the request of involved parties.

"Both died in a house fire. I don't even know if they tried to escape or suffocated or burned to death," he says.

"And where were you?" asks Jessica.

"I was staying at my gran's. Dying gran. She had cancer—painted by the cancer brush."

Sensing something's amiss, Jessica finally asks Art is he's lying, to which he hesitantly admits. Poor Rob, er, Art.

To see more of Rob's audition, don't miss clip 1 and clip 3 from our exclusive show!

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