James Franco Leaves 'General Hospital' And Heads To '30 Rock'

Just over one month ago, we scratched our heads a little (OK, a lot...) at the news that James Franco would be making an appearance on the daytime soap "General Hospital." It seemed like a step backward for a star who has continured to earn critical praise for his roles in movies like "Pineapple Express" and the Oscar-nominated "Milk." Well, today, once again, James is being linked to yet another TV show, and this time we're applauding with glee instead of wagging our index fingers in wonderment.

According to EW, James will soon be guest starring on the NBC comedy, "30 Rock." This adds the adorable actor to the end of a long (and ongoing) list of notable names who have also flanked the set of the Tina Fey-created series. Just to name a few of those all-stars: Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Steve Martin, Jon Hamm and Jerry Seinfeld.

An insider told EW that James' storyline — which he is supposedly filming this week — would involve him playing himself (that's the kind of Franco we just love!) as he gets entangled into a fake relationship with Jenna (Jane Krakowski), which was set up by their agents.

Earlier today, Soapnet posted a first look picture at James in "GH," and we have to admit, he does look mighty fine under the light bulbs of daytime TV. Lets just hope he doesn't make these television cameos a full-time thing, though, as we can't imagine going to the multiplex and not seeing his infectious smile light up the screen.

What do you think about James making an appearance on "30 Rock"?

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