'The City' Boss Kelly Cutrone Plays Guess The Stars' Clothing Line

Kelly Cutrone may have worked with Lauren Conrad, Stephanie Pratt and Whitney Port at some point (on both "The Hills" and "The City"), but that doesn't mean she should know what their respective clothing and accessories lines look like. So, when she stopped by the MTV News offices, we decided to put her to the test to see if she could tell them apart. And, for good measure we threw in Heidi Montag's stuff as well because we figured why not?

And, even though, Kelly tried to play it cool and made it appear she wouldn't be able to differentiate the clothes, we never had any doubt she wouldn't know what she was talking about. For the record, the fashion maven guessed each one right without even a flinch.

"Well I never saw Lauren's clothing line, really because we never worked on that, but this would be Lauren Conrad I would think," she said. So there's one for not knowing."

Perhaps the fact that it was a picture of a handbag gave it away but she also guessed Stephanie's line right as well. "Well this has to be Pratt because it's a handbag and her objective in my job interview was she wanted to be a handbag designer, which is still my favorite thing ever," she said. "So big shout out! It's a nice looking bag, by the way."

So leaving only Whitney and Heidi as her options she also guessed those right as well: "This would have to be Whitney and this would leave Heidi. So thanks," she joked. "I get a 100%. What's next?"

Other than the A+ and the blog entry about it, we give you mad props for playing along!