The 'Valemont' Secret Is Finally Out, But This Kind Of Mythical Creature Has Its Own Rules

After six weeks of waiting, the "Valemont" secret is finally out. In the words of Eric (warning: this is a pretty major SPOILER if you haven't been paying attention), "They're vampires, all of them. Vampires." It always seems to be vampires these days. Of course, the vampires at Valemont University "aren't your storybook vampires," star Kristin Hager, who plays Sophie, told Hollywood Crush a couple of weeks ago. "They're sort of like a new breed of vampires."

Just like "Twilight," "True Blood," and "The Vampire Diaries," the "Valemont" vamps have their own mythology, Kristin said. "They can be out in the sun; there's no turning to ash. They don't have to drink human blood. They do have to drink blood, but it doesn't have to be human blood. They don't all have fangs — if you drink human blood, you have fangs, and if you drink animal blood, you don't have fangs."

But "Valemont" is different from those other shows because it really humanizes vampire. "The whole idea is that vampires are amongst us, but they need to be controlled and they need to learn how to live as normal a life as possible," Kristin added. "So they go to this school and they get paired off with human mates. They're encouraged to live normal lives and keep the fact that they're vampires secret. On all these other vampire shows out there, the vampires are really encouraged to stick together and live on the edges of society. Whereas in this story, they're encouraged to mate which is normally not the case."

Kristin and costar Eric Balfour, who plays Sophie's brother Eric, both said they're fans of other vampire-based entertainment. "I have to admit that I am into all the vampire stuff," said Kristin. "I watched the first 'Twilight' and I'm excited for the second one to be released. I love 'True Blood.' I think it's a great show." For the record, Kristin sides with the bloodsuckers: "I'm Team Edward."

Eric said he watches "True Blood," but mostly because he loved the "Dead Until Dark" books. "I was a huge fan of the books, so I was definitely curious about the show. I think Alan Ball did a really good job being true to the books while still creating something unique in and of itself." Though he enjoys contemporary vampire shows, Eric said his all-time favorite is old vampire movies. "I love the original 1923 'Dracula.' I was always fascinated by the idea of Dracula because here was this guy who, for all intents and purposes, was the villain. But the fact of the matter is he was such an analogy for lots of human beings who are isolated and searching for love and sort of confused in their own skin. I think that we've all felt that way, especially growing up as teenagers. Vampires are an interesting analogy for that dichotomy of being stuck somewhere between the dark and the light. I think we all are. We all struggle with our dark side and trying to be close to the light and be a good person."

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