Kristen Stewart Doesn't Want To Be Like Angelina Jolie? We've Got Other Role Model Suggestions

So apparently "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart doesn't want to be like a certain Oscar-winning UN ambassador who has given birth to Brad Pitt's children. "I don't want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie," KStew told the British magazine Fabulous.

If you ask me, Angelina has a pretty darn impressive personal and professional resume — one nearly any human being on earth would kill to possess — but, hey, who am I to question Kristen's dreams and nightmares? I've admired her gritty acting talents since 2002's "Panic Room," and with "New Moon" coming up in a matter of weeks, her career is only on the rise. But if she doesn't want to model her career after Angie, who should she aspire to be? And, almost as important, whose Hollywood fate should she do everything she can to avoid?

Do Be: Charlize Theron!

The South African-born former model may have started off as just another pretty face, but after getting her big break in Tom Hanks' "That Thing You Do!," Charlize made a string of wise decisions with mainstream thrillers ("The Devil's Advocate") and awards-season darlings ("The Cider House Rules") — a career marred, only temporarily, by "Mighty Joe Young." She avoided getting sucked into the morass of terrible rom coms and now, when it comes to comedy, she's best known for a recurring part in "Arrested Development." Theron wisely kept her personal life out of the tabloids, continued to take on challenging roles and now has two Oscar nominations, including a win for "Monster."

Do Be: Amy Adams!

Amy has made the most of her new profile after breaking out with an Oscar nod from 2005's "Junebug," mixing fun comic turns ("The Office," "Sunshine Cleaning") with take-me-serious fare ("Charlie Wilson's War"). Yeah, we don't see KStew taking part in a fantastical musical à la "Enchanted," but other than that role, she'd be wise to make similar choices and show off the full range of her abilities. It's certainly working for Amy: she nabbed another Oscar nomination last year for "Doubt."

Don't Be: Katie Holmes!

Katie and Kristen have one big thing in common: a habit of running their hands through their long hair to make dramatic on-camera points. And they've both been linked to leading Hollywood men. Of course, once Katie took up with Tom Cruise, her career went from on-the-rise to practically nonexistent. The lesson here is not to let your personal life interfere with your career. Whether or not KStew and Robert Pattinson are actually an item, they'd both be wise to keep making smart career decisions and keep their relationships away from the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi.

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