Robert Pattinson EXCLUSIVE! Check Out His Full Audition Tape For 'How To Be'

On Friday we told you about Access Hollywood's teaser look at 20-year-old Robert Pattinson's audition tape for the 2008 quirky comedy "How To Be," but today we have for you all eight minutes (see the first minute after the jump) of the full audition, which is included on the film's DVD (out November 17).

In the first clip of three from our exclusive, Rob has a back and forth unhappy banter with a woman whose character is named Jessica in what seems like a break up scene. "How To Be" is about how Rob's character Art moves back in with his parents and hires a full-time self-help guru after said break up.

In the British accent we miss so much in "Twilight," Rob addresses Jessica and asks, "What if I told you something about my childhood? Maybe you'll understand. Maybe you'll reconsider."

She replies with, "But this about us now. It's just not working. When we first met you seemed so elusive and brooding and intense: the enigmatic poet. What I took to be really deep and mysterious has turned out to be just sad and unhappy."

We begin to understand why they might be having some issues when he responds with, "Well at least I'm not a f---ing bitch."

Rob seems just as uncomfortable in front of the audition camera as he is in front of the paparazzi; always aware of it yet never looking directly at it. We're sure the awkward facial expressions he was making were only to add life to the lack of set, and hopefully didn't make it into the film.

After a bit more back and forth, he angrily tells her, "No, you're not ready for this kind of commitment," but then seems to trip over his lines and breaks out into laughter, asking if he can start the scene over again.

To see more of Rob's audition, don't miss clip 2 and clip 3 from our exclusive show!

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The clip has been removed at the request of involved parties.

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