'Valemont' Star Nikki Blonsky Says The Series Has Some 'Really Rad Stuff' Coming Up

If you've been watching "Valemont" as faithfully as we have, you know that creepy occurrences happen at the fictional university twice every Tuesday night — once before "The Hills" and once after "The City." Things have been getting stranger and stranger as freshman Sophie's (Kristin Hager, pictured below, left) been uncovering more and more clues in her quest to figure out what happened to her brother, and we have a feeling things might come to a head in tonight's episodes. "Valemont" costar Nikki Blonsky chatted with Hollywood Crush recently, but she would only give us the tiniest of hints about what's going to happen (and you'll have to wait until the end of the blog for that).

The 20-year-old "Hairspray" star plays Sophie's high-energy roommate, Poppy, who last week helped Sophie steal Sebastian's (Dillon Casey) key to the secretive Panthera house. In real life, Nikki said she's not nearly as perky as her "Valemont" character.

"I'm probably a lot more laid back than Poppy," she said. "She has a lot of energy — which I do when I need to, like for work and stuff — but in my everyday life I'm a lot more laid back than Poppy is. But I guess that's what makes playing her so cool. I really have to get my energy level to an all-time high."

Poppy's pep provides a much-needed lighthearted counterpoint to Sophie's serious nature, said Nikki. "Poppy is everything that Sophie is not. Poppy is just like that really great, fun friend that's always like 'Let's hang out! Let's go do this!' She's just a lot of fun. [Poppy and Sophie] are at two different ends of the spectrum. Sophie is in her own mind all the time and really just caught up in thinking about everything. Poppy always comes in and pops that bubble. She's always deters Sophie from herself in a way."

Even though creepy stuff doesn't usually happen with quite the same frequency on most college campuses as it does on "Valemont," Nikki said she thinks people can still relate. "I'm sure there's someone out there who has a college roommate that's probably as annoying as Poppy. Like, 'Oh my god, I wish she would shut up already!'"

Just as costars Kristin Hager and Eric Balfour hinted at before, Nikki said some more eerie incidents are coming up. "A lot of twists and turns happen with Poppy. She is in for some really rad stuff." But what kind of twists and turns? Nikki would only give us this revealing clue: "Something is coming up really soon. It's on the tip of my teeth, that's all I can say."

Will you watch tonight to find out what "Valemont"'s big secret is? What are your guesses?

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