Leighton Meester (Sort Of) Confirms Her 'Thelma & Louise'-Like Movie, 'Cowboy Bandits'

Last month a rumor began circulating that "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester would hookup with former "Remember the Daze" costar Amber Heard (who also starred with Leighton's "GG" costar, Penn Badgley in "The Stepfather." She's making the rounds on the Upper East Side!) in a "Thelma and Louise"-like flick called "Cowboy Bandits."

There was very little additional info given about the project other than it would be a younger version of the classic chick flick starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon (in it, they play women on the run from the law after shooting a rapist). Word was that Jess Manafort was rumored to be on board as the director. He also worked the girls in "Remember the Daze." So, when we got Leighton on the set of her music video for "Somebody to Love," we thought we'd see if we could get any more info out of her about it. Instead of info, however, we got a (maybe) confirmation!

"Oh that is, um, something that I'm possibly going to be working on, but I can't talk too much about it because I think that just came out like yesterday [October 16]," she said, dancing around the question. "I don't know how much… what can I say about that? It's still in development. There you go."

Well, that leaves us wondering: Will she play Thelma or Louise? Hmmm…