Blake Lively Admits To Owning Half Of Serena's Wardrobe & Being A Prankster In Nylon: Cover Story

By Lauren Joskowitz

“Gossip Girl” Serena van der Woodsen is Upper East Side’s infamous heartbreaker and party planner. Between changing boyfriends and changing career goals, the glamorous queen bee is constantly in the middle of revenge plots and love triangles (as of now she is at war with bff, Blair Waldorf and ex-love Nate Archibald!). Every Monday night we watch Blake Lively do an impressive job of filling the rich girl’s shoes, but Blake is almost the complete opposite of her onscreen alter ego. Despite their shared love for designer clothes (Blake owns half of Serena’s wardrobe ...must be nice!), the actress told Nylon that unlike her character, she is an empathetic friend and prankster.

Far from her selfish-but-acts-like-she-cares character, Blake sounds like one good friend (or at least we know she is to costar and boyfriend Penn Badgley )! Apparently when her friends feels pain, she does, too. "I feel a lot. I get really bad stomachaches all the time. So I went to a doctor, and he said, 'You’re a feeler,” Blake told Nylon, “I take on people’s pain a little too much."

Blake is also quite the prankster. When she’s not filming “Gossip Girl” (or movies like “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee"), she has fun joking around with friends and sliding things in their butt (Huh?!). "I [credit-card] swipe my friends with, like, my phone or something,” she explained. “ I slide it in their butts. Like in middle school! You say ‘Visa! Mastercard!’ Just to give somebody a jump.”

Blake told Nylon that she was a little confused by her new movie role in "Pippa Lee" (out out November 27). "I had a leash around my neck, and Julianne Moore was taking pictures. I thought, what am I doing with my life? What is happening? How is this a good idea?"

Are you a bigger fan of Blake's or Serena's?