Calling All 'New Moon' Fans: Get Your Burning Questions Answered!

MTV's resident "Twilight" expert Larry Carroll will be doing what he does best this week: hanging out with the cast of "New Moon." And, while you might think he has enough material to use when he gets to chat with the stars ... guess again! We want to hear YOUR questions, too!

Who to direct your burning questions at:

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will speak to us individually (exciting, right?), as well as director Chris Weitz. A series of group interviews will also occur: the Cullens, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi. So that's seven interviews in total: four individuals plus three groups. Our time is limited (these are important people after all, right?), so when you send us a question, please keep it to one question apiece per interview.

Here's How:

Send over your need-to-know-now inquiries to or upload yourself asking a question to Label it, "New Moon Question for: _______"