Paul Rust Opens Up About His Nerd Insecurities In EXCLUSIVE 'Beth Cooper' DVD Extra

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Paul Rust couldn't help but question himself after being cast as the nerdy lead in "I Love You, Beth Cooper." In an exclusive extra from the DVD, which hits stores tomorrow, Paul admitted that while he was initially really excited to get the role of the "geekiest guy in high school," he went through a phase of wondering whether he was cast because he actually gave off dorky vibes. It bothered him so much, he asked his friends!

"I actually had talk to friends and be like 'am I really…am I nerdy?'" Paul recalled. His pals assured him he wasn't. "They were like no, no, no you got the party because you were funny." We agree! Anyway, everyone's got a lil' nerd in them, right? "I think everybody kind of has nerd moments in their life where they don't handle things in the best way that they want to or they kind of do it awkwardly and uncomfortably and they take a situation that could be easy and make it much worse," Paul said. Uh, been there, done that.