Robert Pattinson Rob O'Lantern Pumpkin Contest: Meet THE WINNER!

EDITORS NOTE: Halloween has come and gone, but we wanted to wish a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our Rob O'Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest, Christie (a.k.a. finalist #1). As we promised, the winner would get the chance to write a blog about their love of Rob. Below, read on to find out just what kind of fan Christie — who noted that her carving comes with the tagline,"'New Moon': When forever is no longer an option, how do you survive?" — is of the heartthrob and the franchise that made him a star.

My name is Christie, I'm from Maryland, and I have an addiction. It started out small and harmless, as addictions often do, but it grew and grew and grew. First it was just some books I read. Then it was a movie I watched ... several times. Then it was the scrapbook I created. Next, a birthday cake. Then I joined the staff of Novel Novice Twilight, reporting news and writing up special features about the "Twilight" universe and fandom. Now, it's pumpkin carvings.

It only took three chapters of "Twilight" for me to start falling in love with Edward Cullen. He risked everything to save Bella's life. Romantic, protective and just all around a good person — what more could you ask for from a 105-year-old vampire? His struggle between right and wrong, good and bad, and his determination to do what he thinks is right give depth to his character. And I like that he's not perfect; he certainly makes mistakes and errors in judgment. But, he always does what he thinks is right.

It only took a two-minute trailer for me to love Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. But it took several screenings of the full two-hour movie to truly appreciate what he brought to the role: every facial expression, every smile, every word was just so Edward. And then there's the fact that he's so beautiful, it takes my breath away. Not many men can pull off being beautiful and sexy, but Robert certainly can. It doesn't matter if he's wearing his usual grungy clothes or if he's cleaned up in a tux walking the red carpet — one look at his gorgeous eyes or amazing smile and your heart stops. I've seen bits and pieces of both "Little Ashes" and "How to Be," and I can't wait to get them on DVD to see the whole movies. I am looking forward to "Remember Me." as well. And "New Moon" and "Eclipse," too, of course. Robert is not just beautiful and witty (I love to read interviews with him!), he is also such a talented and versatile actor and musician. The three minutes of him improvising on the piano is my favorite special feature of the "Twilight" DVD. There is so much going for him, I wish him all the happiness in the world. I can only hope for his sake that when all of this "Twilight" business is done, he can live his life like a normal person again. Sadly, those paparazzi and over-zealous fangirls throwing themselves at him seem to forget that Robert is just another human being just like the rest of us, and he deserves to be treated with same respect as everyone else.

Robert, it's simply amazing how you take everything in stride and I truly wish for you to have some peace in your life. Thank you for all of your hard work in bringing Edward Cullen to life for so many "Twilight" fans.