Heidi and Spencer Channel 'Jon And Kate Plus 8' For Halloween (And It's Quite Scary)

Spencer Pratt may not be ready for parenthood in real life, but he doesn't seem to mind playing a dad for Halloween. King Spencer and his Queen, Heidi, decided that for Halloween they'd go as Jon and Kate Gosselin (of "Jon And Kate Plus 8"). And, instead of hiring Spencer's "Hills" nemesis, his kid neighbor, Enzo, as one of their eight—they found themselves a wagon and filled it with eight baby dolls.

The pair even had two friends pose as a TLC crew to follow them around and document their lives as the gruesome twosome. Spencer rocked an Ed Hardy t-shirt — a signature Jon look — while Heidi went for a Team Kate t-shirt. Coincidentally, there are places all over the Internet (like zazzle.com) where you can buy Team Heidi and Team Lauren t-shirts.

In an interview with US Weekly, Spencer joked that the costume was frightful in its own special way. "Halloween is supposed to be about scary costumes. What's scarier than Speidi Plus Eight?" he said. "Any reality stars who can get themselves 55 magazine covers will always have our respect!"

We hope, however, that the Halloween costume doesn't give Heidi any ideas that Spencer is now ready to be a parent. Otherwise, like Jon and Kate, they may just end up in divorce court themselves.

Click on any of the photos above to be taken to our gallery of Speidi's Gosselin looks.