Robert Pattinson Rob O'Lantern Pumpkin Contest: Meet Finalist #3!

You carved, you sawed, you conquered! We're back to announce the last finalist in our Rob O'Lantern pumpkin carving contest.

To refresh your memory, we challenged you to pull out your artistic skills and carve Robert Pattinson's mug onto a pumpkin for Halloween this year. The winner (who will be announced this Friday, Oct. 30!) will get a copy of the new DVD trivia game Scene It? Twilight and the chance to write his/her own blog post dedicated to RPattz.

On Monday, we showed you Christie's "New Moon" poster-inspired pumpkin, then yesterday, you viewed Lorena's "Human Vamp," and today, we bring you the third and final finalist Sonna Lynn, whose artistry comes to us by way of Trenton, Alabama.

Check out her Halloween creation after the jump!

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a hold of Sonna Lynn in time to have her give us all the deets behind the making of her two (count 'em: two!) pumpkins. So for now, we just wanted to give her the credit she deserves by highlighting her fierce Edward face and "Twilight" title treatment — both were enterprising and worthy of recognition. (And Sonna, if you're reading this, send us a message in the comments section of on our Twitter @hollywoodcrush!)

There you have it, Crushers. All three finalists have been picked from a very talented patch. Come back on Friday when we announce the winner!!