Spike TV's Scream 2009: Best Moments Include Taylor Lautner, Alexander Skarsgard & More!

There was no easing into last night's macabre festivities at Spike TV's Scream 2009 award show. Nope, my eyes were covered mere seconds into the telecast as a pair of creepy blonde twins ascended above the stage. Instead of engaging in a rousing game of hopscotch or Miss Mary Mack, the devilish duo put on a bone-chilling display of "Mindfreak" proportions, as one drew a knife to her throat apparently slashing it, while blood gushed instead from the artery of her sister. Shudder! Squeal! Hide! And that was just the beginning. There was an award for Most Memorable Mutilation Scene. Seriously.

Between disembowlments and decapitations, the sci-fi/fantasy/horror ceremony managed to hand out several spike statues, with the HBO series "True Blood" sucking up the most wins. The vampire brethren of "Twilight" along with "Star Trek" and "Transformers" also scored several awards. In addition to the many stars on hand, the audience was packed with vampire/zombie/ghost-clad audience members who looked as bloodthirsty as Count Dracula. I have a feeling some of their desires were quenched with the slew of World Premiere footage aired throughout the night from highly anticipated films like "New Moon," "Alice in Wonderland," and "Shutter Island," as well as a never-before-seen clip from "Star Trek."

As I continue to try to bleach my brain of last night's horrors, let's turn our attention to some of the best moments from the Spike ceremony.

Best Dressed Female

We got a sneak peek at the fierce fashions on the Scream Awards red carpet a little over a week ago when the ceremony was taped, and we're still smitten with "True Blood" star and Best Horror Actress winner Anna Paquin's zippered plum Marc Jacobs dress. The color is oh-so flattering, the silhouette is elegant yet modern and the zipper detail adds interest to what would otherwise be a pretty but perhaps slightly ho-hum dress.

Best Dressed Male

If Taylor Lautner is really serious about this not-taking-his-shirt-off business, may I suggest he at least cover those killer muscles with a tight T and leather jacket ... always? The "New Moon" star, who won the award for Best Breakout Performance Male, accepted the "Twilight" spike for Best Fantasy Film, and presented behind-the-scenes footage from the sequel, looked badass in his black ensemble. Score one for Team Jacob.

Best Heartfelt Acceptance Speech

Best Science Fiction Actress winner Megan Fox eschewed her usual jokey approach to acceptance speeches (see: The Teen Choice Awards), aiming for earnest instead, addressing claims that she hated filming "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and is ungrateful for her star-making turn. "I don't usually do this, but I want to take this moment to actually say something genuine," Megan began. "There have been a lot of false reports done concerning how I feel about this movie, and I just want to be very clear that I've always felt that I'm an ordinary part of an extra ordinary film. These movies took me out of obscurity and they gave me a career, and I'm completely grateful to every one involved in and with this franchise." Classy move, Miss Fox.

Best Humorous Acceptance Speech

Could we expect anything else from the guy who dreamed up the hillbilly, gas mask-wearing, God Who Comes costume? When "True Blood" creator and executive producer Alan Ball took the podium to accept the series' award for Best TV Show, he must have said the first thing that came to his mind while staring out at the blood-covered masses. "This is the most f***ed up award show I've ever been to in my life," he said with a laugh. "And therefore, the best."

Best Alexander Skarsgård Moment

Who am I kidding? They were all great! When the hot, hot Swede came onstage to accept his award for Best Villain, he was all smiles. Now whether that was brought on by sheer joy from his win or the sight of "Straw Dogs" costar Kate Bosworth, we may never know. Either way, it was nice to see Alex's normally dour Eric-face light up. Also enjoyable? Watching him squat awkwardly to speak into the mic much too low for him, while thanking the shop teacher that taught him what evil was all about.

Did you watch last night's Scream Awards? What was your favorite moment?

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