Taylor Lautner Isn't Sure He'd Go Shirtless For A Movie Again

Taylor Lautner already has girls drooling over his beefy new body. But, the one person it makes feel uncomfortable, besides Kristin Davis, is Taylor himself. He hasn't been shy about showing off his muscles, but recently he's been pretty shy when it comes to talking about it, especially with everyone wanting to know about it in the weeks leading up to the release of "New Moon."

"I worked hard to get in shape for this role," Taylor said, reports Aceshowbiz.com. "My motivation was the movie and the fans, but I don't want to become known as just a body. If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again in a movie, but I guess that's not very realistic. I certainly won't be asking to do it, though."

The actor probably should rethink that considering there are many young women out there rooting for him ... to be shirtless more often in flicks. But, he does have some competition these days thanks to Robert Pattinson going around topless in "New Moon" as well.

"I don't know [who would win]. Rob, he's getting some muscle," he explained about competing against Rob in a shirt-off. "There's some good competition… No, he definitely doesn't need any pointers at all. He's got it covered."