Robert Pattinson Rob O'Lantern Pumpkin Contest: Meet Finalist #1!

You carved, you sawed, you conquered! It's time for Hollywood Crush to announce the top three finalists in our Rob O'Lantern pumpkin carving contest.

To refresh your memory, we challenged you to pull out your artistic skills and carve Robert Pattinson's beautiful face onto a pumpkin for Halloween this year. The winner (who will be announced this Friday, Oct. 30!) will get a copy of the new DVD trivia game Scene It? Twilight and the chance to write his/her own blog post dedicated to RPattz.

Starting today, we'll be profiling the top three finalists in the contest, so give a virtual round of applause to our first entry from contestant Christie, whose artistry comes to us by way of Jessup, Maryland!

Check out her Halloween creation after the jump!

We asked Christie — who spent "at least 7 or so hours, maybe more" completing the project — about her very intricate pumpkin, and here's what she had to say:

HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: If you were to get the chance to describe your pumpkin to Robert Pattinson himself, what would you tell him about it?

CHRISTIE: If I had the chance to describe my pumpkin to Robert Pattinson (assuming I could put more than two words together while looking at him!), I would tell him that it is my tribute to the wonderful job he has done in bringing Edward Cullen to life on screen, and a sign of my impatience as I am waiting for the release of "New Moon."

HC: How did you decide on that specific Robert look?

The amount of emotion he can portray in a single facial expression or a single word amazes me. Although I certainly do appreciate Robert's beauty when he is not in character, I really love Edward's look for "New Moon" over "Twilight," especially in the "New Moon" movie poster.

HC: If you could title your pumpkin what would you call it?

My personal tagline for "New Moon": When forever is no longer an option, how do you survive?

We'll let you Twi-Hards ponder Christie's very apropos tagline until tomorrow when we unveil the Rob O'Lantern contest finalist #2!