Second 'New Moon' TV Spot 'Volturi Fight' Features Edward and Felix In A Rumble

Taylor Lautner best watch his back. Though all the publicity for "Twilight" follow-up "New Moon" would have us believe Taylor is the star of this vampire romance, judging from another new TV spot (see it after the jump!) Welsh actor Michael Sheen, who plays fiendish vampire Aro, may just steal the show.

While yesterday's "Event" spot focused on the rising tension between Edward and Jacob, "Volturi Fight" features a showdown between Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the ruling coven's henchman Felix (Daniel Cudmore). The clip opens on Aro contemplating Bella's (Kristen Stewart) fate.

"What do we do with you now?" he wonders aloud, betraying not a hint of emotion. Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) and Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) sitting atop matching thrones, convince Aro that Bella knows too much. With a slight tilt of his head, Aro summons Felix to take care of matters, but Edward quickly steps in front of Bella, flipping her behind him, to shield her from the guard. So instead, Felix throws Edward in the air, smashing him into the marble floor and cracking his beautiful face.

As impressed as I was with Michael's subtly nuanced performance (even in the short, short bit highlighted here), I was also pleased to see more authentic-looking special effects at work. We've gotten hints of it in previous trailers, but here once again we get a glimpse of the "vampire speed" effect, which in "Twilight" looked cartoonish but here looks smooth and sleek like something off of "True Blood."

What do you think about the clip, Crushers? What was your favorite part?