'Vampire Diaries' Star Katerina Graham Gives Us The Scoop On Bonnie's 'Evolving' Powers

It's sad but true, folks — "The Vampire Diaries" is a repeat tonight. But lucky for you, Hollywood Crush caught up with Katerina Graham as she drove to set on Tuesday (which makes us think she's can't possibly be the "female series regular" who's going to bite the dust in an upcoming episode — news that EW's Michael Ausiello reported today), and she gave us scoop on what's about to happen with her character, Bonnie. In lieu of a new episode, check out what Kat had to say about Bonnie's burgeoning powers, getting into character, and auditioning for the show.

We've seen Bonnie begin to explore her abilities, like when she lit an entire room full of candles at the Founder's Day party, or when she used her thoughts to splash water out of a bucket at the car wash, but according to Katerina, that's just the beginning of what Bonnie can do. "Her storyline is evolving so rapidly, there aren't enough pages in the script to do backstory. She's evolving so quickly and doing a lot of different things — a lot with fire, a lot with her mind. I will say that she can levitate certain things, and she can see certain things, and she has a bit of telekinesis."

The fact that we'd get to see more of what Bonnie can do was obvious from the beginning, said Kat. "['Vampire Diaries' was] my favorite script that I had read in a very, very long time. I liked the fact that my character had abilities. I knew from the second reading that if the show got picked up they would definitely explore all her powers and all the things that she could do. I really wanted it so bad. I was obsessed with the role!"

Of course, Kat knew that bringing Bonnie to life would be difficult, especially because of the physical differences between her and the character in the "Vampire Diaries" books, which she reads between takes on-set. "I can see why [the books] have had such a long-term fan base, which I think I've slowly won over. At first they were like 'Well, you're supposed to be a redheaded white girl,' so I knew I'd have to really prove Bonnie to them. They're going to have to really see Bonnie in me because the physical characteristics are so far from where the books were."

Kat's serious about getting into character. Besides reading the books, she has an entire wall in her trailer dedicated to Bonnie, with things that she might like, things that she would wear, and things that remind her of her alter ego. "Believe it or not, [Bonnie's] vibe is a lot different than mine is normally. We're completely two different people. Bonnie's a lot tamer than I am. Because I've been in the industry for so long, I can be like a shark. I love high fashion, and couture, and circa-90s style things, that whole culture. I do music. I perform. [I wear] sometimes very funky, out there clothes that I don't think Bonnie would even know about."

However, they still have some similarities. "We're very compassionate. We can be very selfless, We're pretty laid back. I think we're different in the fierceness, which maybe will change. Maybe Bonnie will become more sassy. I definitely think I've got a lot more sass than Bonnie."

Despite the differences, Kat said she loves playing Elena's bestie. "She's literally a dream character, because what woman doesn't want to feel powerful and strong and feel like she can do anything? I love the fact that little Bonnie Bennett is starting fires. I love playing her. I love that the more innocent she is, the more dangerous she is. It's brilliant."