New 'New Moon' TV Spot Reveals More Shots Of Victoria & Edward-Jacob Battle

This newest clip TV spot from Fandango (see it after the jump!) for "New Moon" brings a whole new level of intensity to the film. Focusing almost solely on the fight between Edward and Jacob over Bella, the clips shown seem for the most part to be brand new.

First and foremost, check out how intense wolf Jacob is! One of the things I have been hoping since the first teaser trailer was released was that Chris Weitz would change transformed Jacob from cute and cuddly to intense and badass (after fan backlash on CGI in other films like "Iron Man" the animation department has made alterations that were significant improvements) and Chris totally stepped up to the challenge. I no longer see "The Golden Compass" every time a wolf comes on screen, so kudos.

And then we also finally see more of Victoria! I am firmly in the Rachelle Lefevre-for-Victoria camp, so I want to see as much of her in her ultra red-headed glory as possible. Here the chase scene of the wolf pack trying to catch her and Laurent (Edi Gathegi) looks fantastic.

Oh, and then there's the tiny part about Jacob and Edward duking it out over Bella. We'll let you scream over that yourselves without any of our encouragement.

But what's really interesting about this teaser is how much it sets up Jacob's dominance in the story. The text that flashes across the screen reads, "A new legend begins," and that really is what happens in "New Moon" with the inclusion of the werewolves. It also first hints at the battle between the wolves and the vampires. "You've killed people, Jake," Bella admonishes Jacob, but then he replies, "We only kill what we're trying to protect you from: Vampires."

And then did we also mention Edward and Jacob fight over Bella?! Thank goodness there's only 30 more days until "New Moon" hits theaters.