'New Moon' Premieres At The Rome Film Festival!

Let the (vampire and werewolf) games begin! The on set of "New Moon," as all you Twi-Hards know, is about to take a big giant cliff jump (if you will) into a sea of movie premieres, new clips , new stills, talk show appearances, and so on, as the Nov. 20th release date nears closer and closer. Being one of the requisite sites that covers the "Twilight" franchise to the umpteenth degree (hey, you love it. We love it. It's a win-win), we plan to continue to bring you just about anything and everything we can get our teeth on.

Just today (in European time, folks!), world premiere "New Moon" scenes (and readings from the Stephenie Meyer book) aired at the 4th International Rome Film Festival. There was, of course, a red carpet to go along with this celebration, though don't go grabbing your best Team Edward or Team Jacob apparel just yet, as many main members of the cast didn't make the trip to Rome (perhaps because most are wrapping on the "Eclipse" set in Vancouver?).

That's OK because we still got a few others lookers (as pictured above with "New Moon" scribe Melissa Rosenberg) in the form of the Volturi: Charlie Bewley (Demetri), Cameron Bright (Alec) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius). There's probably no more appropriate place for them to promote the movie than in Italy, huh?

The absences of most of the main players doesn't seem to have affected the Italian ladies as witnessed above when they all try to snap a photo with Cameron. How cute is Jane's twin brother in human clothes by the way?

The only two ladies we spotted on the red carpet (besides the great Melissa Rosenberg) were Romanian actress Ana Caterina Morariu (fun fact: she played Bruce Willis' "companion" in "Ocean's Twelve") and Italian actress Randi Ingerman. As far as we could tell, neither has any ties to the film, but that doesn't matter as we're jealous they got to spend time with a few of the male members of the Volturi guard.

Click on any of the photos above to see more from "New Moon" at the Rome Film Festival.

What did you think of these pics? Were you happy to see Charlie, Jamie and Cameron?