'New Moon' Star Jackson Rathbone May (Or May Not) Have Leaked Some Juicy 'Breaking Dawn' Details!

JigsawWhen we had the chance to interview Jackson Rathbone last week on the set of his new film, "Girlfriend," we couldn't resist asking him some heavy questions, including (but not limited to) whether "Breaking Dawn" will be released as one film or two.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, isn't "Breaking Dawn" set to be released in 2011? Haven't the two movies that come before it not even be released yet? Shouldn't you be asking questions about, say, "New Moon," which comes out in less than a month?

If you've been keeping track of our Jackson covering on Hollywood Crush and MTV.com over the past week, you'd know we already addressed those questions, but still couldn't resist trying to get a little inside scoop on what could possibly be happening (since we know Melissa Rosenberg is going to be penning the screenplay, so at least the ball is rolling).

Nevertheless, when the sweetly worded reply to our question was "I don’t know, darlin'," we weren't too surprised. This judicious reporter was able to get past the southern twang and assert yes, he probably did know how many movies it would be, but he wouldn't tell me. The response to this was laughter which confirmed the belief.

But from what he did tell us, we can assume filming for the movie will begin sometime next year. Jackson will be wrapping up filming on "Eclipse" next week and then will embark on a 100 city tour with his band 100 Monkeys, which will probably take around six months. After that, Jackson wouldn't give away the details.

When we asked whether "Breaking Dawn" would start filming after their tour wrapped, we once again got an "I’m not really supposed to talk about that." Oh Jackson, I thought we had so much more.

Check back tomorrow to see what Jackson had to say about Kristen and Rob!