Our Favorite 'Glee' Club Sings Its Way Onto Entertainment Weekly: Cover Story

The love for “Glee” (don't miss our recap of last night's episode) just keeps pouring in! First, the MLB invite the cast to sing at the World Series, now the mega-talented glee clubbers (and teachers) of the hit Fox show grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly! While Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), Lea Michele (Rachel), and Cory Monteith (Finn) get the most love (check out more of their sweet pictures from the photo shoot).

So what will you get from the issue (due on stands tomorrow)? Well, an exclusive look into what we can expect for the rest of the season, which is awfully tempting to find out considering we have so many unanswered questions (oh, those scandalous love triangles!) There’s also some great quotes from the cast, who are dealing with their newfound (and growing by the day) fame. The EW story reports, “I was at Disneyland yesterday – big mistake,” says Chris Colfer, who plays gay fashionista Kurt. “I might as well have walked around with a target on my shirt, because those are our fans. I stopped and took pictures probably 40 times in between rides. This one lady got a picture of me on the Tower of Terror and had me sign it.”

The article also touches on the news about the addition of Jonathan Groff and the guest-directing stint by Joss Whedon, but the thing we're anxious to be reading all about is how the show’s two major love triangles — Ken, Emma, Will and Quinn, Finn, Rachel — take it to the next step. Though, we could throw Noah in that mix, especially after last night’s episode. Kurt, too, as EW reports, “a friendship will develop between Finn and Kurt, once Kurt’s unrequited fondness for the football star is revealed."

As far as the addictive sounds of the "Glee" club go, expect to see even more iconic songs performed, particularly from Madonna, who according to EW's Music Mix, has given the rights to her catalog to the show! Not all the tunes, however, will be so recognizable as co-creator Ryan Murphy told the mag that he plans to do an episode entitled "Original Story," in which six orginal songs would be written for the show by "some of the world's biggest songwriters."

We're already running (and singing) all the way to the newsstand!