'Shiver' Author Maggie Stiefvater Ready To See Her Werewolves On The Big Screen

"Catatonic" is how author Maggie Stiefvater describes her reaction to the news that her novel "Shiver" had been optioned for a movie just a month after the book's August release. "There was a lot of staring at the wall and blinking."

But now that Stiefvater has snapped out of that shocked state, she has some definite ideas about what she'd like to see in the movie version of her story about the doomed love between a human girl and a werewolf boy.

"I'd love to have a director who would do it at a slow pace, more 'Benjamin Button' than 'Tomb Raider,'" she told us. "More of a mood piece, just because I think so much of 'Shiver' 's action is more internal in setting."

Stiefvater, who's also an artist, musician and mother of two, said she's really interested in being involved with the music on the film and even has a couple of composers in mind for the score.

"I picture my books as movies when I get stuck, and when I'm working on a new idea, the first thing I do is hit theaters to work out pacing and mood," she explained, but though her imagination works cinematically, she never pictured specific actors in the roles of snow-crossed lovers Grace and Sam.

"I do like Rachel Hurd-Wood, she was in 'Peter Pan,' and I love the girl who was in 'Inkheart' [Eliza Bennett]," she said. "I get tons and tons of reader suggestions for Sam, but they're all really Hollywood. I picture a more indie actor for him."

And Stiefvater has one big suggestion, should the director be tempted to go the "New Moon" route: "It would definitely be better with real wolves as opposed to CGI," she said. "There's not too much savaging going on, so all they have to do is sit around and look beautiful, right?"

Speaking of the "Twilight Saga," if anyone's wondering what she thinks of being called "The Next Twilight" and all those "Are werewolves the new vampire?" questions we're always posing, the answer may lie in this hilarious PSA Stiefvater made on her Web site.

No word on whether there's an actual Kraken book in the works, but "Ballad," the sequel to fairy novel "Lament," just came out. "Linger," the sequel to "Shiver," is due out next fall, and she's working on part three now. For fans of her work, it'll seem like a long wait, but then again, it just might take us that long to recover!