Olivia Wilde On Her Red Carpet Style: Pee Tests & That Darn Emmys Gown Zipper

By Nuzhat Naoreen

In the 70s, there was Watergate, the scandal that rocked the White House and brought down a president, but this year, something far more, well, provocative made headlines ... 2009, was the year of "Zippergate."

Yes, "Zippergate" was the scandal, or rather the dress, that rocked the red carpet at this years Emmy Awards. The victim, actress Olivia Wilde, opened up to MTV News' Josh Horowitz in the video after the jump about the daring gown and why it shouldn't have caused so much chatter.

The silvery Marschesa dress, with a flowy bottom, had an elegant front with a sheer cutout down the middle. It was the other side of the dress, however, that caused all the chatter. The back, which was completely see-through down to her hips, was almost perfect, except for one, obvious distraction…a zipper, going straight down her spine.

So, what did the "House" actress have to say about the controversy? "You know, you got to have respect for a designer that can create a dress that can stay on despite the lack of material." Point taken Olivia. Better a dress that stays together with a zipper, than one that falls apart without one, right?

After all, maneuvering the red carpet in a glamorous gown is hard work, as Olivia learned during this year's Oscars, when she donned a candy-colored Reem Acra dress with a ruffled bottom and fitted top. The dress was nearly perfect except that it was hard to move around with a ton of "pink fluff" on the crowded red carpet.

Olivia's learned her lesson though. These days, as she also mentioned to Josh (press play below), she uses the "Pee Test" — a very scientific way to determine whether or not a dress is right for the red carpet. Basically, she tries on her dress of choice before any big event to test whether or not she can take it off quickly to use the bathroom. Smart!

Of course, zippers and pee tests, aside, we've got to say that Olivia has so far looked stunning in all of her outfits … although, we wouldn't expect any less than this year's reigning Maxim hottie.

What do you think about Olivia's looks?