Renee Zellweger Insists A Third 'Bridget Jones' Movie is 'A Rumor'

Despite a report that surfaced this summer which claimed Renee Zellweger and the gang would be back for more mishaps in a third "Bridget Jones" movie, Ms. Jones herself is dashing everyone's hopes saying that the sequel is just a rumor.

"I get asked every single day, and I don't know anything," she told E! News at Elle magazine's Women in Hollywood event. "It's a rumor."

As for the rumors that she'd be wearing a fat suit for the next installment instead of gaining the pounds she did for the first two, she joked, "Oh, goody! When are we having the fitting?"

OK, well she didn't really clarify whether or not she'd like to come back. But, what about the rumors the film might be transformed into a musical? Well, she doesn't seem to keen on that idea either. "I haven't been asked, [but] I think that would be weird," she said. "Do you think that would be weird?"

Still, she has to have some interest in reprising her token role on the stage, right? Nah, she's just too busy. "Yeah, but are you going to put my schedule together?" Renee joked to E! of her prior commitments. "When am I going to see my parents? When am I going to go on a date? When am I going to have Christmas?"

Despite Renee's claims, do you still want to see a third "Bridget Jones" flick? Or only if Renee stars in it?