'90210' Actor Trevor Donovan Surfs His Way Into Our Pool Of Hump Day Hotties

Trevor Donovan is the quintessential looking surfer dude thanks to his bleach blond hair and studly build. We're thinking this is probably what landed him a role on "90210." And, we're thinking that once they start casting the role of Ken in the forthcoming Barbie movie, he should definitely play the part. Until then, he's our Hump Day Hottie.

Press play on the video below to see more of this week's Hump Day Hottie, and then keep reading for more details about him.

Vital Stats: The 31-year-old (yeah we were surprised about that, too — good thing he can still pass as a high school student!) California native got his start in modeling, where he got used to standing around shirtless and clothesless. He later decided to take up acting lessons to get over his stage fright. “Abercrombie [& Fitch] was my first modeling job,” Trevor told The LA Times. “They definitely border on risqué as far as catalog photos go. There’s a lot of nudity and what not. I have done my fair share of that, and I’ve never done anything I regret whatsoever — the majority of which I’m pretty proud of.”

Where you might have already seen him: He starred alongside Bruce Willis in "Surrogates" and had a long-stint on "Days of Our Lives" playing as Jeremy Horton. Plus, he was a model, so who knows what ads you may have already seen him in.

Why you should take notice of him now: He's taken up residence with the spoiled kids on "90210." As Teddy Montgomery, we get to see more of those abs that made him famous. And, he's been shaking up the lives of his fellow West Beverly classmates on the show. “In the beginning, he may have said or done a few things unintentionally that may have offended a few of the people on the show," he explained. “Nothing has been resolved."

Until next Wednesday, when we nominate yet another hottie, you can get the rest of your man candy fix by clicking on Matthew's photo below to see who else is in our stockpile of studs!