Halloween Costumes How To: Dress Like Chris Pine And His Green Girl In 'Star Trek'

Welcome back to Dress Like A Movie Star Week here on Hollywood Crush. We're continuing to bring you Halloween costume ideas inspired by some of the most outrageous, colorful and downright awesome characters on the big screen in 2009. We know your wallets aren't exactly being filled by a money tree in your backyards these days, so we're going to try our darndest to keep these costume ideas easy to create and easy on your bank account! Let the trick and treating begin!

We were green with envy when Rachel Nichols got to have a quick romp with the out-of-this-world hottie Chris Pine in this summer’s mega-hit "Star Trek." So, while Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Nyota (Zoe Saldana) may have been the intergalactic couple to make it work despite some interplanetary meanies trying to come between them, we think bad boy Capt. James Kirk (Chris) and Star Fleet cadet Gailia (Rachel) will make for far more interesting, not to mention eye-catching, couples costume (or solo, we don’t judge!) this Halloween.

We're not going to have you recreate your own Vulcan (though, hats off to you if you can pull that off!), but we so have some helpful hints (after the jump) to best capture the look of Kirk and Gailia. We’ve tried to make them as budget-friendly as possible (heck, times are probably tough on the USS Enterprise) and cool enough that you’ll (live long and) prosper this October 31st.

For the fellas, if you want to capture the modern Captain Kirk look, the first major ingredient is Chris Pine’s impossibly good looks. If you already look like him, please swing by the MTV offices (what? It’s for research!) But, if you don’t (we still think you’re adorable) it’s actually a pretty easy look to recreate.

In fact, all you need is a simple long-sleeve black shirt (we like the Converse Logan shirt from Target for only $17) and pants (Dickies, also from Target for $20), makeup to recreate the black eye (we won’t tell anyone you bought any!), we suggest Sephora’s Colorful Pro Eyeshadow Palette for its variety of looks for $26 — of course if you don’t want to spend that much, you can head to your local drugs store for a cheaper eye shadow set. While you’re there you can also get some gauze (CVS bandages will only set you back $4) to wrap up your left hand.

Ladies, if you’re looking to go as the sexy Gailia all you need is a natural green tint. On second thought, if you do have a natural green tint, you might want to call your doctor first. To get her faux glow, you can slather on some Liquid Latex green body paint, available for online order. Go with the 32 ounce jar for $12 in order to make sure you have every nook and cranny covered. You can finish the look with a cami and boyshorts (minimal skivvies are only the truly daring ladies!) like this $26 set from Victoria's Secret.

Of course, if all else fails and you can’t get around to making your own costume, you could always just wear a Kirk shirt from 80stees.com for $24, and greet everyone with this nifty hand symbol, which is totally free.

Check back with us tomorrow for another installment of Dress Like A Movie Star week (did you see yesterday's scary good tips on how to dress like Jane from "New Moon"? Or Monday's "Zombieland" badassery?) when we show you that a, uh, hangover isn't always such a bad thing.

Let us know what your Hollywood-inspired Halloween costume ideas are in the comments section below or by sending us a tweet @hollywoodcrush!