New 'Scene It? Twilight' iPhone App: We've Played It!

Boardgames are fun—when you have ample space, a table, chairs and maybe a bowl of popcorn or a slice of pizza. They are not, however, the ideal amusement when crammed on a jam-packed Subway or on a bumpy bus ride to school—until now. Thanks to the new "Scene It? Twilight" iPhone app, available for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store, Twilighters can satisfy their boardgame craving virtually anywhere.

As a public service to all you Crushers who also call yourselves Twilighters, we downloaded the game last night and took it for a thorough test drive ... Volvo not included. (You can see our in-newsroom "virtual" test drive — thanks to the trusty Nicole Guanlao — by pressing play on the video above.) The app offers two different modes of gameplay. The first is the main "Scene It?" game, a sort of single-player trivia bonanza. My first attempt started off with a clip from the meadow, after which I had to recall the first word that was said in the scene (kind of lame, I'll admit). The game quickly progressed through several different puzzle types including multiple-choice trivia (i.e. What was the name of the bookstore Bella bought the Quileute book at?), video trivia, Who Said This?, in which players have to correctly attribute movie quotes to the correct characters; Gridlock, where players have to remove point tiles from atop an image until they can identify the person, place or thing below; and Baseball Shuffle, a carnival-style game where a ball is placed under one of three rotating hats and you must identify which hat it's under.

Scoring begins at 400 for each puzzle with points ticking off the longer it takes you to respond. For all intents and purposes, the game goes on indefinitely, with no "real" end that I could discern. To wit, according to a press release, "Players can enjoy sustained game play by accessing six different games with over 40 puzzles each in single player mode." So if my math is correct, that's 240 questions with no repeats.

The second mode is called "Twilightning Trivia" and is a multiple player game akin to Hot Potato. One player begins holding the iPhone (or iPod Touch) and must answer a trivia question correctly before passing it on to the next player, who must do the same. The device moves down the line until lightning cracks over the screen, indicating the end of the round. The timer is not visible, though, meaning players have no way of knowing when lightning will strike. If you're holding the device when it happens, you're out. The game proceeds until the last player standing wins.

As an avid "Twilight" fan, I would classify the difficulty level of the trivia as intermediate. You will definitely need to have seen the film at least once and paid moderate attention to answer most of the questions. Not many are real stumpers, but that's not to say they're easy peasy either.

Also included in the "Scene It? Twilight" app are three clips, "New Moon" Trailer #1 and #2 and the "Meet Jacob Black" trailer. (You know, in case you hadn't seen them 127 times already.) Another fun option, if you download the "Scene It?" Facebook app: post your score to the social networking site and compare points with your friends to see whom among you is the real "Twilight" expert.

Overall, "Scene It? Twilight" is a good travel alternative to the board game of the same name (which we will also be reviewing in the coming days!), but I do have a few complaints. For one, players must hit the "play" button before each question, which gets tiresome after the first five times or so. I also don't like that the correct answer isn't displayed after a player guesses incorrectly. Also, in the single-player mode, the infinite game gets tedious after a while. I'd like to "win" at some point.

"Scene It?" has also launched a new Web site, which lets you play tons of trivia games for free! According to a press release is "an online destination that allows users to interact and engage with Hollywood trivia and entertainment news in a socially connected online experience." You're also able to make your own Hollywood persona (you're either on a path to be a director, producer, writer or actor) and move up the ladder by taking acing quizzes and earning “Glitz” (the in-game currency).

Have you played the iPhone version of "Scene It? Twilight"? What did you think?