To Prep For 'Social Network,' Justin Timberlake's Growing Back His 'NSYNC-Like Curly Hair Do

James Dinh

Remember the days of 'NSYNC when Justin Timberlake rocked a small mop of curly locks? Well you soon might be able to see them again! That’s right JT fans, the singer is growing out his hair for his upcoming role in the new film, "The Social Network." The film, which follows the rise of Facebook and the effect that it had on the site’s founders, also stars "Zombieland" actor Jesse Eisenberg.

“My hair is obviously growing out for a reason.” Justin hinted to MTV News. And while some of us may be caught off guard at the singer reverting back to his boy-band hair do, the singer insists that the movie’s director knows what he’s doing. "To be honest David Fincher’s so ridiculously genius, we're all just following his lead," JT said. "I think we want to tell the story, and I want to tell it through [Aaron] Sorkin's words and Fincher's eyes. I think Aaron did a lot of research on all of it. I don't want to speak for another actor, but I think the consensus for all of us is that we just want to make a great film."

Which look do you prefer? Do you like the retro curly throwback of “Bye Bye Bye” or does the buzz cut look a bit more “justified”?