Olivia Wilde: We've Got Our Eyes On The Hot 'House' Actress In This Week's Star Gazing

Whether or not you follow the life-or-death exploits at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, it's likely you're familiar with "House M.D." doc Olivia Wilde's, uh, body of work. Crowned "Hottest Woman Alive" by Maxim magazine earlier this year, the beautiful brunette's looks aren't the only thing sizzling. Along with making rounds as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, Olivia's got several movie roles on the horizon, including the indie road trip flick "Fix" directed by her husband Tao Ruspoli (out next month) and next year's "Tron Legacy," the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic. In honor of Olivia's oh-so-hot career, we're making her the focus of this week's Star Gazing.

Click on the picture below to see more of the hot Irish-American and read about her rise to fame.

Born Olivia Cockburn (her stage name is a tribute to writer Oscar Wilde), Olivia knew she wanted to be an actor by the age of 2 (talk about a driven toddler!). The 24-year-old began her career working behind-the-scenes as a casting assistant, though it wasn't long before she stepped in front of the lens. Her breakout role was as bisexual Alex Kelly on the second season of "The O.C.," swapping spit with star Mischa Barton. She also had a recurring role on the short-lived series "Black Donnellys" and has graced the big screen in films like "Alpha Dog," "Turistas" and this year's Jack Black-Michael Cera prehistoric comedy "Year One."

But with all of her acting successes, did Olivia miss her true calling? "I really wanted to [be a rapper]!" she recently revealed to MTV News. "I was pretty serious. And to my parents' credit, they were so supportive." We're going to go out on a limb here and say she made the right choice.

Want more Olivia? (We bet your boyfriends might!) Check out clips from her recent visit to the MTV News headquarters.