Jackson Rathbone On Jumping From 'Airbender' To 'Eclipse' To 'Girlfriend': 'It Gets Confusing!'

Jackson Rathbone has been working his butt off this year, though most of what he's been working on wont be seen by the public until 2010. He finished filming M. Night Shamylan's "The Last Airbender" and "New Moon" earlier this year, is completing his final two weeks of filming for "Eclipse" right now, and when we caught up with him last week, was working the dual roles of producer and actor on his indie flick, "Girlfriend." Oh yeah, and hes in the process for gearing up for a 100 city tour with his band, 100 Monkeys.

"I just want to work. I don't sleep," Jackson admitted with a laugh.

That was literally the case when we met up with him last week. Both he and bandmate/co-"Girlfriend" star and producer Jerad Anderson had hopped a plane from Vancouver the night before and started working when they landed. He said when he wrapped filming on "Girlfriend," he would jump on a plane back to Vancouver and pick up filming on "Eclipse" again.

With all the flying back and forth, we asked Jackson if he ever accidentally went into the wrong character. In the "Girlfriend" scene Jackson was filming, he was bloodied and bruised (we can't say why!), and he joked, "Like I want to eat myself? Like licking my own wounds. Mmm, delicious."

On a more serious note, he explained, "The process of going through the works; getting makeup, getting hair and all that, you have enough time to kind of contemplate your character. And I always put a lot of work into the way my characters move and the way they speak and the way they relate to others around them. It's just the simple things. I like the subtle nuances that really kind of establish a character and how a character grows throughout a story."

He still kept some relics of his other characters, however. He still had his undercut from playing Sokka in "The Last Airbender" ("If I do this," he said as he flipped his now Jasper-length hair over his head, "I look like The Clash!") and was able to use the fighting skills he learned on the set of "Airbender" for his action scenes in "Eclipse."

"It's interesting to go from a character that's not superhuman to a vampire that is very mythical. It's one of these things where Ive been bouncing around between all these different characters. Its fun," Jackson said, but then added, "It gets a little confusing."