Selena Gomez Knows 'What Boys Want' And Is Taking Her Expertise To The Big Screen

We already know what Selena Gomez wants: a whole lotta Jason Mraz, as the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star admitted to us with an aw-shucks grin earlier this month.

"He is very talented musically and lyrically," the 17-year-old told us after checking out one of the singer/songwriter's concerts. "He is beautiful!"

Now we also know what she wants in her film roles: a girl who can magically read the thoughts of guys. That's the premise of "What Boys Want," the New Line project to which Gomez is now attached to star, according to a report in Variety. She'll play a teen who is gifted with the nifty ability to hear what the opposite sex really thinks but never actually says.

The plot sounds awfully familiar to Mel Gibson's 2000 film, "What Women Want," but mindreading has long been ripe pop culture territory and is especially hot now. Both Edward Cullen and Sookie Stackhouse of "True Blood" can divine the inner most thoughts of others.

Who knows how much Selena's flick will focus on the supernatural aspect of her talent and how much it will stick to plumbing traditional teen comedy tropes. The filmmakers would surely be wise to give more than a passing explanation as to how and why Gomez's character has found herself with this skill. The script comes courtesy of Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer, who wrote "Step Up 3D" and Hayden Panettiere-starring "Naomi and Eli's No Kiss List."

There's no word yet who will step in to play her on-screen love interest. But we having a feeling Selena has got a Hollywood wish-list, albeit one that isn't exactly age appropriate. She confessed to us she's keen on Shia Labeouf, Emile Hirsch and Ryan Gosling.