Robert Pattinson Pumpkin Carving Contest: Reminder! Send In Your Art & Receive Awesome Prize!

By Matt Thompson

Have you bought a pumpkin this year? Don’t know what to do with it? We at MTV personally had a serious pumpkin problem this year and we were under much distress. So you know what we did? We carved Robert Pattinson’s face into it and all our problems just whittled away ... just like that. October 31st is Halloween and November 20th the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon" hits the theaters. What better way to celebrate than to combine the two?! Now we want YOU to get on slicing and dicing! This is where the Rob O’Lantern Contest starts.

The deal: Find a pumpkin; any pumpkin — gigantic, petite or just plain odd sized and sliver Robert Pattinson’s face into it. It could look like the zealous Edward Cullen, the daring Cedric Diggory or R-Patz himself. If you carved your pumpkin and it still looks plain to you, make it have a little scruff just like Rob. Throw on a wig that emulates his hair! Make him have that signature daring little smirk. It doesn’t matter! Make it the best it can possibly be! When you are finished send a picture of your pumpkin to with the label “Rob O’Lantern Contest.” The DEADLINE for the photo is THIS FRIDAY October 23. The following week, we'll reveal the top 3, with the grand-prize winner announced October 30.

The prize: Did you just go through all this for nothing? No, absolutely not! The winner will not only get their own personalized Hollywood Crush post to blog about RPattz themselves, but they will also be receiving a brand spanking new copy of Scene It? Twilight . Test your expertise and show off your love for the franchise all in one swoop. It just doesn't get any better.