Leighton Meester Says Blair Would Approve Of Her Debut Single, 'Somebody To Love'

By Rya Backer

If there’s one thing "Gossip Girl" Blair Waldorf is known for, it’s how quickly she’s willing to dismiss something that’s totally not worth her time (a queen “witch-with-a-b,” if you will). So, when I talked to Miss Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester, on the set of the video for her debut single, “Somebody To Love,” I asked the question any fan of the show and her character would want to know: if the well-produced, dance-pop tune would be worth the Upper Eastsider's time.

“I think it hits that… that audience, for sure,” she explained, decked in a skintight, black leather minidress with extended shoulder pads that resembled (or very well could’ve been) Balmain’s current collection, and statement eyebrows that looked like they may have come from “Cleopatra,” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” or another movie your grandmother loves.

“I think it’s still sophisticated, which is special to me, and it’s you know, definitely my style of the lyrics and it definitely has a lot to do with my experiences in life. But it’s… you know… I don’t think [Blair] would be mad at it.”

Waldorf-approved. Guess we’ll soon be hearing a lot of “Somebody To Love” around the Upper East Side and NYU dorm!