George Clooney Faces Off With 'New Moon' Star Anna Kendrick In An 'Up In The Air' Clip

For anyone whose seen “Twilight” (and we’re expecting that’s quite a few of you out there if you’re reading this site) then you know Anna Kendrick , who plays Bella’s high school frenemy Jessica, though her part may be small, has a knack for comedic timing. “Juno” and “Thank You For Smoking” director Jason Reitman must have seen that there’s a funny gal beneath all that cattiness when he cast her in "Up in the Air" as Natalie Keener, a new employee at a firm that helps companies fire people.

In the clip above, George Clooney’s Ryan Bingham explains to Natalie the importance to him of racking up frequent flier miles.

Ryan, who also works at the firm, is trying to save up 10 million frequent flier miles, which is helped by the fact his job requires him to fly all over the country to fire employees. Natalie, however, has introduced a radical, money-saving idea where the firm would use video conferencing out of their headquarters to fire the employees. Ryan takes Natalie on a road trip to show her the importance of face-to-face firing, which leads to various repercussions in their own lives.

The above scene shows the great chemistry between Anna and George that has been much talked about in regards to the film. Anna’s performance has been highly praised, and word on the street after the Toronto and Telluride film festivals is she even stole some scenes from him. With lines like, “You guys don’t grow up. It’s like you need to pee on everything," we can see why.