Eleven New 'New Moon' Stills Reveal More Smokin' Robert Pattinson And Beefy Taylor Lautner

Exactly one month from today Bella and Edward will be gracing screens in theaters worldwide. In addition to the clip from “New Moon” we shared earlier, today we also have 11 new (!!!) stills from the film — some seen in trailers already, and some never before seen — to share with you.

While a lot has been talked about Bella’s hallucinations of Edward (director Chris Weitz’s way of getting more of the coveted Robert Pattinson in the film), most of what has been seen have been very… well, hallucination-y. We have been privy to the scenes where Bella rides her motorcycle for the first time as Edward flashes by next to her, and the the cliff jump, which results in him hovering upside down in the water next to her.

But in the still above, which looks to take place during the parking lot scene, the Edward hallucination seems almost too real. Either this is a scene from before Edward leaves her crying in the woods, or Bella really will be seeing Edward everywhere she goes. Also, note Taylor Lautner’s bulging biceps.

One of the other big scenes that has been snuck quickly into the trailers has been Bella’s infamous double date with Mike Newton and Jacob in the movie theater. Note how awkward she looks squished between the two men (and how unhappy they look "watching the movie"!) and the possessive body language they’re exuding. But the uncomfortable scene pays off because “Twilight” fans know what big transformation in Bella and Jacob’s relationship comes next.

Little has been talked about Bella’s dream sequence, but this shot of her and Edward above seems to have come from that. Note how dolled up she looks and how dashing he looks in that pea coat! While we aren’t going to speculate on what exactly this scene entails, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson look too fantastic in this picture for it to be ignored.

And then there’s Italy. Beautiful, colorful Italy. We can assume this shot comes right before Bella’s now token line, “No Edward, don’t!” and we can also assume she is clutching her hands to her chest because she has just seen that her vampire love apparently got abs in her absence. Whoops, we were confusing that with our reponse. She’s probably just happy to see him.

Click on any of the pictures above to see all 11 new photos!

Which of our collection of new stills are your favorites?